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Sunday, May 22, 2011

More on Hunger/Satisfaction and "Fullness"

How do you know when you are full? When all the food on your plate is gone? When you have certain physical feelings of "fullness"?

This is a very important question. If we recommend that people stop eating when they are "full" but they don't have a good barometer giving them signals that make sense, how would they know when to stop eating.

Ever notice that food tastes better when you are hungry? And stops tasting so fabulous when you are getting full? That's a really good indication that you are full and perhaps even satisfied.

What does SATISFACTION with food mean to you?


Iago said...

Satisfaction to me is when I finish a meal and I look at my plate with a feeling of neither hunger nor regret. Bad food no matter how much I eat never satisfies me because those meals are always tinged with remorse.

Anonymous said...

Satisfaction with food occurs when I no longer feel full and I have eaten something flavorful!

Ellen Glovsky said...

I'm confused. Are you satisfied when you are no longer full? Usually people are satisfied when they are no longer hungry.