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Sunday, February 21, 2010

More People are Giving Up Dieting

What a relief! News that more people are quitting dieting, because it doesn't work for most of us. It's often just a cycle of losing and gaining the weight, which is NOT good for your longterm health. Actually the "yo-yo" effect is more damaging to health than being a healthy overweight person.

And YES, you can be overweight and still be healthy. Health professionals now think about "metabolic fitness", which means that your blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood lipids such as cholesterol are in normal range. This also refers to your cardiovascular fitness, including heart rate and ability to exert yourself.

Diets are often just not the answer.


joanhoward07 said...

Just learning that the hard way. Weight is up while 'dieting'. Found study at Georgia State U. "The study found that at any given time, it doesn't matter if you eat fewer calories that you burn or if you eat more calories than you burn. It only matters that the difference is within this 300-500-calorie range!"

Ellen Glovsky said...

Thanks, Joan!You would enjoy info on the "Health At Every Size" movement. See Association for Size Diversity and Health:

Anonymous said...

Great reminder Ellen! I love this idea of the no-diet approach, and it's comforting to know that it's healthier to be an overweight person who doesn't yo- yo up and down trying to diet. I always try to remember that "starving" the body just makes it more efficient at storing fat!

Ellen Glovsky said...

Yes, I love your comment about starving and fat storage. It makes sense from an evolutionary point of view as well. I times of feast and famine, those bodies that were able to store fat during the feast, for the inevitable famine, where those that survived to reproduce.