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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Satisfaction with Food

I think this concept of "satisfaction" when it comes to food is such an interesting idea. What does that mean to you? To your clients?

I think that chronic dieters don't consider how satisfying a food is when they choose what to eat. They think more often of calories, points, or what will make them lose weight, change their body shape, etc.

My personal and professional experience is that when people eat what they REALLY want and do so consciously, they are far more likely to feel satisfied. Surprisingly to many dieters, this does not have to be a "cheat" food. Often foods that are considered "healthy" can be satisfying. It all depends on what you really want to eat when you are hungry. Food choice does not have to be dictated by an external authority such as the diet (or the dietitian!).

You really can eat when you are hungry, eat what you really want and stop when you are full

This helps to make peace with food!

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Bryan.Lian said...

Hey Ellen! I was wondering if you have read Savor ( I think when I get the chance (whew, internship doesn't allow me many of those!) I will read it and thought I'd spread the word.

In response to your post: Peace with food seems to truly be a willingness to feel beautiful and satisfied with yourself from the inside out. And with this realization, embrace feeling at ease-- especially since you can feel very vulnerable at times.