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Friday, February 4, 2011

Terrific New Article on Non-Dieting

A colleague, Judith Matz, has written a wonderful new article on the value of a "non-diet" approach. I highly recommend it for all who are interested in this subject, and even for those who are not!

You might just become a believer....


Bryan.Lian said...

Great article. It makes me reflect to your presentation at Mass General Hospital and the intentions of clients coming in for consultation. I wonder if sustainable intention should be the focus before discussing sustainable dietary practice. Do you counsel the person who wants to lose weight or the one who wants to learn how to better listen to their internal cues. Good stuff!

Ellen Glovsky said...

Thanks, Brian. Sometimes the one who wants to lose weight can benefit from hearing about listening to internal cues. To me, it's a kind of continuum from a dieting mentality to intuitive eating, following internal cues to know when, what and how much to eat!