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Monday, February 28, 2011

When Food is Comfort

Like many other people, when I'm feeling sad or sorry for myself, I enjoy eating, even when I'm not hungry. I have my comfort foods, some soft and creamy, others crunchy and salty. I've had a number of health issues lately, both for myself and for people I care about, and I admit it, I've been using food for comfort.
To say that I understand how my clients feel is an understatement! This behavior is not good for my health, and yet it's so tempting and even seductive. Watching TV, a "little hungry", I know, let's have this or that. Done now, let's have the next thing. Never waiting till I'm hungry again, as I counsel my clients to do. Not a good plan.
Just thought I'd "rat myself out", to you, dear Blog!

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